About me


What can I do for you? Well, if you are publishing it – whether it is a single-sided leaflet or a 700-page book, I can help you make it attractive, legible and illustrated with appropriate photographs or other graphics. I specialise in short run books.


Compositions by Carn was founded in 1989 by Trish Carn. That’s me. I was working for a record producer and was increasingly annoyed by the typographical errors I was finding and thought ‘I can do better’. I haven’t looked back since.

Having trained as a historian, followed by taking a master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences, I moved into producing good quality books, magazines and leaflets in 1989


Working first as a typographer, I added design, copy-editing and proof reading to my portfolio with courses at the Berkshire College of Art and Design and the Publishing Training Centre. I mainly use InDesign and Photoshop, but retain the use of Quark for those who request it.


I edited one magazine for 12 years and worked part-time as sub-editor for a second since 2005. I retired from full-time employment in 2016 and focused on self-employment in my small publishing business.

I am an experienced photographer, working both in the real world as a photojournalist and in the studio. I work with a Canon 40D.

I have produced more than two dozen family histories for individuals and books for organisations.

I was born in the USA, moving to Britain in 1978. I am a Quaker.

I enjoy the work and feel like I get paid to play.